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The project is located in Vlore, in the lungomare area of the city. It is a two-story brick-concrete building, originally used as residence and office. Stile was commissioned for the total reconstruction of this building into a boutique hotel.

Completion Year: 2022

Gross Built Area: 265

Project Location: VLORE, ALBANIA.

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The architectural intention of creating a UNIQUE BUILDING ​

Given the lack of scenery in the surrounding environment, the designers decided to create an inward view and to create an interesting ORIGAMI FACADE, which led to the idea of the dinamic movement of each module.The total white part of the facade was construcions of KRION by Porcelanosa Group. In addition to the blue sky and white clouds. The large glass windows of the building actively introduce the scenery and light into the building, which becomes a part of the indoor space experience adding to that the beautiful view in front of the sea.

Feedback from our clients

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